Sell Your Book With Us


We have many talented artists and authors in our community. While we would love to support each and every endeavor, we do have limited space in our shop, as well as quality standard for our stock. 
Here are some helpful guidelines for having a book carried in our shop!
We are extremely active in the community and we are a small shop.  Therefore we will only carry books from self-published authors from the Maryland area.


The size, shape and binding of your book are important for us to consider. All books need to be bound with a title printed on the spine. We cannot accept spiral bound or pamphlet-style items. Books also need an ISBN number printed on the back cover and it is recommended that the cover price be printed on the back cover. This protects the author and the store from copyright issues. Book interiors should include page numbers.  If your book is on Ingram, for us to order through them it must not be a short discount (must be a minimum of standard publishing rates of 40%) and it must be returnable.  If this is not the case, we can still carry your book if it meets criteria, however we will have to do it on consignment. As we are an independent bookstore we will not carry books that are published by, or need to be ordered from, Amazon.* 


We are a small shop, and as such, a wide variety of people may be behind the counter at any given time, many without the ability to advise on carrying locally penned titles. Authors who walk into the shop asking for stocking privileges will be directed back to the website. Please also understand that we do review each and every title recommended to us, and that among other daily duties it can create delays. This is not reflective of our decision to carry your title, it is simply us trying to keep up with our day-to-day demands.


We've come to understand what our community is interested in for their reading preferences based on our sales data, items brought in for trade, special orders and other predicting factors. While we understand that interest may vary person to person, we do have to make sure that the items we stock are of interest to our shoppers. As well, even the most interesting content cannot make up for poor editing or lack of proofreading. We encourage you to have your book professionally edited.


Most authors are also voracious readers. We're more likely to get behind people that stop in frequently, want to chat books, or spend time browsing. We look into your website and social media when we consider carrying a title, and we love seeing authors who are actively supporting independent booksellers and the mission of small business as much as possible. After all, an author is their own small business, and we have to stick together!


We're a bookshop, not a PR firm. Many authors assume that having their book carried means that our team will stand next to its shelf home and make an attempt to handsell to each and every person that walks through the door. While we wish that we could offer that kind of service for our local writers, it's just not feasible. What we do recommend to help boost your sales is involvement from the authors. Let your friends, family, fans and followers know where they can pick up the book in a store. Come take pics or videos in the shop. Get a book signing on our calendar, help organize a community event or attend an event to represent us. Help get people talking to make your book an asked-for item!


If you meet the guidelines and would like to carry your book with us, please email us so that we may look into your book. If it seems like a good fit a reading copy will be requested so one of our pre-readers can verify that your book will meet our guidelines.  If accepted, there is a $20 non-refundable stock fee payable at the time of book placement and we have a form to fill out with detailed information.  We will consign up to 2 copies of your book for 3 months.  If the book sells, we may request other copies.  Consignment payment is made monthly unless the amount is less than $20.  If it is less, we will carry it over to the next month.  We do the traditional publisher discount of 60/40.

Please email us with any further questions not covered here.